Ginger & Judy features beautiful vintage clothing and upcycled pieces. The line is named for my two amazing grandmothers.

My fashion infatuation began as a child, haphazardly altering my seamstress mother’s leftover bridal gowns. I grew up with an extremely eclectic wardrobe thanks to an early start in treasure hunting through thrift stores around Madison, WI.

Dropping out of art school, I studied under an indie fashion designer before launching a clothing line, opening a boutique and racking up several years of fashion shows, events and collaborations in the Milwaukee fashion scene from 2008 – 2014.

GINGER & JUDY was launched in early 2012 and has steadily grown since. G&J is on track to become one of the premiere outlets for unique, quality pieces on Etsy. In 2017, I intend to offer even more items in the shop and build my blog to help others in the indie fashion community: http://www.gingerandjudy.com

I find inspiration from my fellow vintage sellers, women who love creative self-adornment, and the forgotten, cluttered second-hand stores I stumble across in travel.

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